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Airport Transportation

If you are flying in to the Atlanta Airport, there are several options to get from the airport to the hotel.

1) The cheapest way will be to take the MARTA train from inside the airport {station is located near baggage claim} to the North Springs station. That is the end of the MARTA rail line and puts you within 15 minutes of the hotel. Keep in mind that you would be "handling" your baggage on and off the MARTA train and buses. A ticket for MARTA costs $2.50.

Once at the North Springs station, you can:

a)  transfer to a bus to the Park and Ride station on Windward Parkway and the hotel shuttle will pick you up there.

b) take a cab from there to the hotel. I've been given estimates of $25 for the cab fare.

c) have someone pick you up at the Kiss and Ride area of the station. The hotel does have a driver they can send for a fee {unsure of the cost, but check with Jenni Brinson 770-360-7766 at the hotel}.

2) The next cheapest option is probably a shuttle. The hotel uses Superior Shuttle 770-619-5336 and their website is Superior Shuttle. I've been given an estimate of $45 for the shuttle to the hotel and $85 for round trip.

3) Then, there are cabs directly from the airport to the hotel  for $100 and up.

4) And there are rental cars with most rental companies at the airport.

Getting back to the airport should be easier since people can share rides with others.

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