Circle Mania begins in: !

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Mania is ALMOST here!

It's hard to believe that Mania will be starting in just 3 days! Hope everyone is as excited as I am!  I'm busy finishing up some projects and my craft desk is a mess! But it's so worth it!

I'm very pleased to announce that Mallie from the marketing department at Provo Craft will be joining us at Mania! She has plan an iron on vinyl project for us for Friday before dinner. So be sure to stop by the "classroom" {the room across the elevator/staircase foyer} to make a project.

Mallie and Provo Craft will be providing a luncheon for everyone attending Mania on Saturday! This will be held in the other meeting rooms, next to the "classroom". And, she will have a surprise guest join us from 1 to 3 pm on Saturday! I have some guesses as to who the surprise guest might be, but Mallie won't tell. She wants it to be a surprise!

The weather forecast for Atlanta looks good! Maybe a little rain on Thursday but sunny and a little chilly {for us southerners!}.

As some of you are aware, due to a glitch, I don't have access to the Circle forums on the Cricut MB. So if you have any questions or concerns, please send me an email or PM.  See you all soon!!!